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Jasmin Pyrlik

What started out as a hobby-sewing-blog in 2016, changed probably into the most interesting online shop and revolutionized the sewing community one year later. Also unexpectedly arose the idea of 3D-printed sewing supplies. My partner, engineer and enthusiastic technology lover wanted to print sewing supplies for me. So a collecting container was developed.

The idea of a perfectly fitting collecting container in a attractive design was so popular throughout our Schnittenliebe community. So we decided to develop the collecting container for serial production being constantly in exchange with the sewing community. The success was overwhelming.

Over the last few years Schnittenliebe grew from a “onewomancompany” to a young start-up with several employees and our own manufacture. The collecting container for sergers are our bestsellers. Meanwhile we sell them across german boarders. Our current retailers are located in Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Norway, and even overseas in the USA.

Not only our distribution network, but also our product variety has grown considerably over time: 13 collecting container models for 22 different serger.

The exchange with our community is still very important to us. We like to create innovative solutions for fascinated young sewers. We are very active on social media, visit community events and expos to keep an overview and to satisfy the needs and trends of the sewing scene.

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