FAQs – help and support

If you don’t find any answers to your problem here, please feel free to contact us at any time through our contactform or send us an e-mail to hallo@schnittenliebe.com.

In general

I can't reset my password.

In case you have forgotten your password and you’ve clicked the button “reset my password” and you have requested a new one, you might not receive an e-mail.

This only happens, when your account hasn’t been activated yet. In that case you didn’t confirm or receive our confirmation e-mail and clicking the required link, after registration. This process can’t be initiated afterwards, please contact us trough our contactform or send us an email to hallo@schnittenliebe.com. We will take care to (re-)activate your account.

I can't login.

If you have trouble to login may this have different reasons:

  1. You are not a registrated customer yet.
    If you are visting our website for the first time, please use our registration form on the right of our site. You are only able to login on the left of our site when your account has been activated.
  2. Your email address isn’t activated yet.
    • Is it your first registration?
      Our system sent you a confirmation email to your email address, in which you have to confirm your registration. Please check your inbox (and especially your SPAM box) and click onto the link in this email.
    • If your registration was a while ago (and you probably already ordered something in our shop) could it be that your email address is still not activated yet. In this case contact us please through our contactform or send us an email to hallo@schnittenliebe.com.
  3. Your login data is incorrect.
    If you have forgotten your username you are also able to use your registered email address as your username.
    If you have forgotten your password, you can click the button “reset my password” and request a new password. The new password will be send to your registered email address.

Nonetheless your issue isn’t described above or you still have trouble solving it by yourself please feel free to contact us at any time through our contactform or send us an e-mail to hallo@schnittenliebe.com.

How do I pay?

Our different payment methods are listed here.

Where and how do I enter my voucher code?

You are able to enter your voucher code in your cart:

Or when you checkout. You have to click on the turquoise coloured font:

When your voucher code shows quotation marks (“) do not enter those.
For example: Code “black20”. Only enter black 20 into the entry field.


My package is lost.

In case there are difficulties with the delivery of your package, always check your shipping status at DHL first please. When we shipped your order you received an email from us, which included a link to check your shipping status. By clicking that link you will see which progress your package has already made at DHL.

In the event of problems with shipping address (house number not detectable, no name on doorbell/mailbox sign found, etc.) contact directly the delivery service DHL please. This speeds up the process enormously and you’ll prevent sending the package right back at us.

Help and support DHL:

  • Phone +49 228-4333112 (Monday – Sunday 7am – 8pm german time, also on bank holidays; please note additional charges may occur from calling abroad, we will not pay costs and won’t assume liability)
  • Mail impressum.paket@dhl.com

With problems of lost shipments or such which were delivered to unkown neighbours, contact us directly to us please. We will request a receipt from the deliverer and reach out to you afterwards.

With which delivery service do we ship?

We exclusively ship with DHL. With this delivery service we are able to ship with GoGreen shipment. You can find information to climateneutral shipping right here: https://www.dhl.de/en/privatkunden/kampagnenseiten/dhl-nachhaltigkeit.html

3D Druck

I'm looking for a collecting container for my serger

Well, you’ve chosen the right website!

We constantly work on developing new collecting container for all common sergers and then we will launch them into our shop. You can see which models we currently have in stock in our Shopoverview (left column, productcategories).

You can’t find your model? Feel free to contact us please. Maybe we already have a fitting model in stock for you. If we don’t have it in stock we happily add your model to our construction list. The more customers are interested in a model, the greater the chance that it will be implemented.

Accordion Panel

Whether “your” model is still coming depends on whether the demand is sufficiently high. We have a list with all kinds of serger models, for which we haven’t developed a collecting container yet, but are planning to. To make sure your serger model is on that list send us an e-mail, so we get our priorities right.

Can I get my collecting container personalized?

Indeed! We are offering to label your collecting container. A max. of 7 characters (no logos, symbols or different fonds) is possible!
If you like to order a labeled collecting container you can choose it in the product selection field.

Remember to write the text in the comments field below of your order at the cart / checkout later!

Please note, individual orders have a extended delivery time.

How do I attach my collecting container to my serger?

The installation is for all models the same procedure.
Click here to watch our video tutorial.