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Verpackungen aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen

Einzigartige 3D-gedruckte Produkte für dein Nähprojekt

Von der Entwicklung bis zum Versand Made in Germany

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Thank you for purchasing our schnittenliebe Collecting container!

You have received a high-quality product „made in Germany“ with our Schnittenliebe collecting container for your serger. Every container is produced, controlled and wrapped for sale in our local manufacture. We hope you will have lots of fun with your new collecting container for your serger!

Your Schnittenliebe team

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The beginning of a longlasting friendship

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There is no planet B. Therefore, sustainability is very important to us. In our opinion sustainability is a result of longevity. Our 3D-printed products are containing of high-quality plastic and are no disposable products. With regular use, you will have many years of pleasure with our Schnittenliebe collecting container and height adjustment. In case the container or height adjustment have to be replaced, they are 100% recyclable. [/col] [/row]

How you attach your collecting container to your serger

Attaching the container to your serger is very simple due to the precise fit. Because of the perfect fitting it won’t slip around on your desk while you are sewing, when it is correctly attached.

  1. Put the container in front of your serger on your desk.
  2. Tilt your serger with one hand slightly upwards or backwards.
  3. Slide your container with the hooks pointing to your serger under your serger.
  4. Lower your serger carefully back on your desk.
  5. Try to shake it a little. Everything should stay securely at its place.

Removing your collecting container:

  1. Tilt your serger with one hand slightly upwards or backwards.
  2. You are able to remove and empty your collecting container now.

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