The beginning of a longlasting friendship


There is no planet B. Therefore, sustainability is very important to us. In our opinion sustainability is a result of longevity. Our 3D-printed products are containing of high-quality plastic and are no disposable products. With regular use, you will have many years of pleasure with our Schnittenliebe collecting container, height adjustment or hem guide. In case our products have to be replaced, they are 100% recyclable.

That’s how you attach your hem guide to your coverstitch!

Attaching our Schnittenliebe hem guide to your coverstitch is very simple. We are offering our hem guide with 3 different inserts so you are able to use differently-sized screws. How it fits to all common coverstitch machine types:

  1. Choose the fitting insert due to your screw size.
  2. Screw the hem guide loosely onto your sewing table of your coverstitch. As long as the screws are not tightend yet you are able to adjust the distance to your fabric edge and between your hem guide through sliding it closer or further away.
  3. Have you found the right distance? Then you can tighten the screws and start sewing!